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HRM Chair Op-Ed: 2022 represents historic opportunity

Has total control of state government by Democrats served Illinois well?

That is the question all voters should ask as they head to the polls this Election Day. As a Republican State Representative serving in the super-minority, I believe the answer is an emphatic no. In reality, complete Democratic control of Illinois government has delivered crushing taxes, skyrocketing crime, and rampant corruption.

We have seen trust in government fall to all-time lows as Democrat after Democrat gets federally charged for taking part in pay-to-play bribery scandals, including the former Speaker of the House and Democrat Party Chairman, Mike Madigan.

But historically, failed and corrupt leadership from Democrats has not been enough to deliver change in Illinois elections. That’s because, during a typical election cycle, only a tiny percentage of Democrat-gerrymandered legislative seats in the Illinois General Assembly offer voters a legitimate choice.

That ends in 2022.

For the first time in generations, more Republicans are running for the Illinois House of Representatives than Democrats. In fact, of the 118 seats in the Illinois House, 105 districts will offer voters an alternative to the Democratic machine that has controlled our state and driven residents away. This outstanding class of Republican candidates is motivated by the urgent need for a new day in Illinois, committed to delivering a real future for the state away from the crime-ridden Democrat insiders.

Contrary to the best efforts of Democrats to distract and divide Illinois voters on polarizing social issues, House Republicans are focused on uniting the state to improve our economy, root out public corruption, and fight rising crime in our neighborhoods. You can learn more about our specific plans at

The 2022 election represents a unique opportunity for voters to change the course of our state and make generational reforms to how Illinois does business. State government plays an essential role in our communities and affects the well-being of your family on issues like taxes, schools, and law enforcement.

It is the job of every state legislator to consider the effects of every vote taken in Springfield carefully. Each legislative decision should be leveraged to attract and retain talented people and foster thriving businesses in our state. Democrats are not delivering for Illinois. They are only delivering for themselves. We must reverse the skyrocketing crime and corrupt laws Democrats have passed in Illinois.

This November 8th, you can be part of a new day in Illinois by sending new Republican legislators to serve in the General Assembly and restore our state.

Ryan Spain is the State Representative of the 73rd District and lives in Peoria, Illinois. He currently serves as both an Assistant Republican Leader in the Illinois House and as Chair of the Illinois House Republican Majority (HRM) Committee, the campaign arm of the Illinois House Republican caucus under House Republican Leader Jim Durkin.

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